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Learning how to type

If you don't know how to type, that's good news.

There are two ways of dealing with this - copy on paper, or use Just Learn Morse Code to the full extent to get your BONUS outcome.

Copy on paper

Use the program like everybody else, except write down what you hear using a pencil and paper. You'll rate your own performance, and this is what Koch had his students do. They still saved a lot of time compared to those learning by means of traditional methods.

Your BONUS outcome

The other alternative is going for your BONUS outcome. In addition to learning Morse code, you will efficiently learn how to type.

Koch's method is an effective way of learning how to type as well as learning Morse code. As you start out with only two characters, you can easily locate them on the keyboard. Again, Koch's method dictates that whenever you get 90% or more correct, you add another character. This works just as well for learning the keyboard as it does for learning Morse code.

Even if you're not at all interested in Morse code, this is an efficient way to learn how to type.

Also, as you'll know Morse code whether you're interested in it or not, you may even find that your next mobile phone allows you to enter text messages at incredible speed, using... You guessed it: Morse code.


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