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The most recent changes to Just Learn Morse Code are listed below.
Version Date Changes
1.23 Jan 4, 2006 Maintenance release.
1.22 Dec 29, 2005 Prosign translation improved for text sources.
1.20 Dec 22, 2005 New features:

  • Font selection for text in the input and output windows.
  • Use text lines for generating Morse code. While similar to the existing text file option, this is a powerful addition that selects random lines from a text file. Possible uses include practice QSOs, custom word lists and sentences in any language.
  • Support for the KA prosign
  • Tips for becoming proficient added to help file
And several other improvements.
1.13 Nov 22, 2005 Help file updated.
1.12 Nov 18, 2005 Allows the use of prosigns in the [/Source/Selected characters] mode.
1.11 Nov 6, 2005 New feature:

  • Generate Morse code from entered text.
A couple of minor bugs fixed.
1.1 Oct 27, 2005 New features:

  • Generate Morse code from text files
  • Practice selected characters
  • Practice common words, abbreviations and Q codes
  • Optional dual pitch for initial learning


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